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The Chive’s CEO is making sure that those who are having difficulty paying rent can stay in their homes.

Amid the coronavirus, evictions are looming for those who have found themselves out of work because of the pandemic.

John Resig started writing checks for $500 each out of his own account, KXAN reported.

“I just decided to go to social media with a blank checkbook and tell people if they wrote in via email, and I just gave them my personal email, that I’d go ahead and cut them a check for their rent,” Resig told KVUE.

In 10 minutes he had 100 emails from all over the country asking for help and the emails didn’t stop.

One woman is a mother in New Hampshire who not only lost her job but she also had to leave her home.

“Our landlords are evicting us and we have nowhere to go. Nothing to start over with … my fiancee does have medical issues, which we’re trying to figure out right now,” Katie Duroucher told KVUE.

Another beneficiary of Resig’s goodwill is a special education teacher from Wisconsin. Dan Sanders usually teaches summer school but because of the pandemic, the school was not in session. On top of not earning the income, he normally does, his son had appendicitis surgery recently and money was needed, KVUE reported.

To keep up with the requests, Resig started a GoFundMe campaign, setting a goal of $20,000. That amount was exceeded in 11 minutes. The campaign is now closed, but over the days it was opened, it raised over $515,000.