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As travel resumes, some countries need travelers to show proof of a negative coronavirus test, but those who need tests may not be able to get one done in time for a trip.

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But some people are turning to illegal means to be able to travel and are either forging or buying fake results, The Washington Post reported.

French officials said they found a group of alleged forgers who were selling fake certificates at Charles de Gaulle Airport that charged $180 to $360 for each digital certificate, The Associated Press reported.

A passenger on his way to Ethiopia used a certificate that was fake, BBC News reported.

The certificates had real Parisian medical laboratories, BBC News reported.

But forgeries are not just an issue in Paris. Brazilan police also found four passengers with fake coronavirus tests, the AP reported.

It’s also happening in England where a man changed a friend’s test, changing the information on it, to travel internationally. A second traveler said he was offered fake paperwork by his travel agent, The Washington Post reported.

Technology may be a way to stop fakes from being used to travel.

Hawaii requires visitors to preregister into its testing program, use a select group of testing locations and upload the results.

United Airlines and Cathay Pacific are using CommonPass app for flyers on some routes to upload their test results, the Post reported.

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