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TORONTO – The Toronto Zoo may be closed to visitors but the workers have welcomed a new long-legged life into the world.

Zoo officials made the baby announcement online that a Masai giraffe was born Tuesday, CTV reported.

The calf is being called Baby Long Legs for now.

Baby Long Legs is the offspring Mstari, a 6-year-old female and Kiko a 7-year-old male. Giraffes gestate for about 15 months. Mstari’s pregnancy was announced on June 21, 2019, on World Giraffe Day, CTV reported.

Masai giraffes are endangered according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature. There are only 35,000 Masai giraffes in the world and, according to the IUCN, that number is decreasing.

The baby giraffe isn’t the only cute baby animal in the zoo’s spotlight.

Monday, the zoo’s arctic wolf pups got one of their first looks at the sun, CBC reported.

Zoo officials are not sure how many pups there are, but think there could be as many as eight in the den, CBC reported.