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The U.S. Navy has decided to stand by its firing of the captain of the USS Theodore Roosevelt.

Capt. Brett Crozier had warned about the spread of the coronavirus on the aircraft carrier, and he was fired after his comments had been leaked to the media.

There had been talk that Crozier may have been reinstated, but a Navy official and a congressional aide said an investigation found that he made other poor decisions when it came to the outbreak, CNN reported.

Crozier is no longer in command of the Roosevelt but is expected to return to the Navy, CNN reported.

He’s not the only one who is being held accountable for the situation onboard the Roosevelt.

Strike Group Commander Real Adm. Stuart Baker’s promotion is being delayed for what is being called poor decision making, CNN reported.

The ship was delayed in Guam for more than two months as COVID-19 spread among about a quarter of the 5,000 sailors on board, ABC News reported.