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CORONA, Calif. – A World War II veteran from California beat the coronavirus and celebrated his 72nd wedding anniversary. But overcoming COVID-19 wasn’t easy.

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Norman McArthur, 94, spent 11 days in an intensive care unit after coming down with COVID-19, KCAL reported.

“For three days, I didn’t quite know where I was,” McArthur told the television station.

McArthur, born Aug. 17, 1926, in Los Angeles, according to his military records, was not feeling well several weeks ago. His wife, Shirley McArthur, was concerned.

“And I asked him, ‘Mac, how do you feel?’” Shirley McArthur told KCAL. “And he said, ‘Terrible.’”

The McArthurs’ daughter, Janine Bills, said she thought the bubble the family had created to insulate her parents had been safe.

“And so we don’t really wear masks together,” Bills told KCAL.

However, Bills later found out that she and her husband had been exposed to the coronavirus while they were in San Diego. The virus was apparently was passed on to the McArthurs, but Norman McArthur was not too concerned.

“I’m pretty strong,” he told KCAL.

Norman McArthur developed pneumonia and kidney failure and his condition was deteriorating.

“I think I just felt broken,” Shirley McArthur told the television station. “Half of me is going.”

Norman McArthur recovered, however, and was able to celebrate his 72nd wedding anniversary with his wife. Norman McArthur married Shirley Ames on Dec. 7, 1948, in California, according to state records.

“I had to rely on the faith I say I have, and it worked,” Shirley McArthur told KCAL. “It worked.

“A couple days later, he’s up with a walker,” Bills said. “I mean, I have to keep him down. He’s a thoroughbred that wants to get out the gate.”

Norman McArthur said that despite the odds against him, he needed to fight.

“If you think you can do it, try it,” he told KCAL.

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