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STAFFORD TOWNSHIP, N.J. – Stop us if you’ve, um, “herd” this one before.

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A police officer in a coastal New Jersey town was on the horns of a dilemma when an agitated year-old bull got loose and trashed a mailbox, WCAU-TV reported.

Body camera video from an officer in Stafford Township on Wednesday shows a young bull that had escaped with several animals from a pen at a nearby farm, reported. A couple of pigs and a goat also escaped from the enclosure, the website reported.

“Officer (Justin) Pascale was not amooooosed when he got dispatched to this call on Hilliard Avenue today,” the Stafford Township Police Department wrote in a Facebook post.

After a quick lick, the bull is shown hooking the mailbox from underneath and pulling it off the ground, along with its supporting post, WCAU reported.

“I’m just standing by,” Pascale says in the video. “That’s all.

“He’s busy assaulting a mailbox right now.”

At that point in the video, the bull trots away.

Animal control officials and police eventually rounded up all of the animals and herded them back into the pen, using food to tempt them, WPIX-TV reported.

Stafford Township police Capt. Jim Vaughn called the incident a “great escape” and said the animals got loose when a gate was not properly secured, WCAU reported.

On Thursday, the bull was taken to Skylands Animal Sanctuary and Rescue in Sussex County where it will have more room to roam.

“He’ll be fantastic,” Skylands’ Mike Stura told WCAU. “He’s nice as it is, you know. He was playing with that mailbox. That was just playing. He wasn’t mad.”