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SCOTT, La. – Louisiana firefighters finished the job for a woman who passed out while mowing her lawn.

Casey Louviere was cutting the grass Tuesday at her residence in Scott when she fainted from heat exhaustion, KATC reported.

“I started seeing stars, and suddenly everything was black,” Louviere told the television station. “Just simply went outside to cut grass, it was so hot. You know, I was fine, then everything just turned black. The heat is not something to play with.”

Firefighters responded after receiving a call that a woman was unconscious in her front yard.

“SFD began assessing the patient and administering basic life support interventions,” the Scott Fire Department said in a news release. “Acadian Ambulance medics arrived, and the patient was transported to a local hospital.”

The firefighters stayed with Louviere’s children until a friend came over to take care of them, KATC reported. When the children were safe, the firefighters finished mowing Louviere’s yard.

“Something like that brings tears to your eyes, knowing that there are still good people out there like that,” Louviere told the television station. “They took time out of their day to cut my grass and they didn’t have to do that.”

Scott Fire Capt. Kris Gumpert said the firefighters simply wanted to help.

“We didn’t have to do it. We didn’t do it to get recognition by any means, but we wanted to bless her and bless her family,” Gumpert told KATC. “Her grass was high and we wanted to help her.”

“I am doing much better and I am so grateful for the kindness shown (Tuesday),” Louviere wrote in a Facebook post Wednesday.