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NORFOLK, Va. – An animal shelter is begging for money after unexpectedly taking in dogs in desperate need of medical care.

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The Norfolk SPCA posted a plea on its Facebook page, asking for the community to donate money toward a $25,000 goal. In the post, rescuers said the money is needed for emergency medical care, socialization, and adoption placements for huskies that arrived at the shelter last week.

Virginia shelter asks for $25,000 to care for dumped, neglected huskies

The adult dogs have heartworms and other parasites.

An animal rescue transporter brought the dogs, which were taken on a four-hour trip to the shelter from North Carolina, WTKR reported. Rescuers said in their post that the vehicle the dogs were in “was littered with trash,” and that two dogs were loose in the car, with an adult dog “wedged between a crate and the front seats of the vehicle.”

A husky puppy that was brought to the shelter with the group is barely 7 weeks old, and rescuers immediately began emergency supportive care, WTKR reported. The puppy was emaciated and dehydrated, had parasites and an injury to its eye that will require treatment by a specialist, the station reported.

Virginia shelter asks for $25,000 to care for dumped, neglected huskies

Among the group of huskies is a puppy barely 7 weeks old that has parasites and an eye injury that will require treatment by a specialist.

One dog, a male named Viking, was heartworm-positive, infested with parasites and so sick that veterinarians at the SPCA were unable to save him, WTKR reported. The other adult dogs also have heartworms, as well as other parasites.

The Norfolk SPCA is asking people to donate to its Hope Fund as it works to care for the dogs.