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2020 has been a challenging year for most and an Iceland marketing group has figured out a way to broadcast your screams from speakers in Iceland.

Promote Iceland has figured out a way to help you relieve stress while also learning about the different geographical regions of Iceland.

Here is how it works: Choose one of several regions on and then hold down the yellow “tap to scream” button on the center of the image. After you finish the scream, you will be prompted through several steps to “watch” your scream broadcast across the countryside via a yellow speaker.

The news release says the seven speakers are located in remote regions near Reykjavík, Grindavík, Skógarfoss, Djúpivogur, Kálfshamarsvík and Rauðasandur.

The goal of the campaign ultimately is to promote Iceland as a future destination while people deal with the pandemic.

The campaign, dubbed “Let It Out” or “Get Rid of It”, draws inspiration from psychologists’ theories about the stress-relieving effects of screaming with all one’s might. In a survey conducted in foreign markets for Inspired by Iceland in early June, 40% of respondents said they experienced stress symptoms due to Covid-19, and 37% answered that the situation had had a negative effect on the psyche. Prolonged indoor living, loneliness, endless teleconferencing and disruption of daily life, as well as restrictions on travel between countries, have increased people’s stress. The campaign is intended to highlight the advantages of Iceland as a destination.

The campaign is meant to be entertaining, but Zoë Aston, a therapist and mental health consultant told CBS that “This is a starting point. If you need mental health support, it is imperative that you seek out professional help.”