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Actor Dax Shepard will have to have surgery after he crashed his motorcycle.

But he said it was his fault that he crashed.

Speaking on his podcast “Armchair Expert” he said, “I was passing six guys on Sonoma Raceway on a motorcycle and I was braking very, very hard — hard enough that the back wheel was off the ground for a good 100 yards. And then someone turned in, as they have the right to, I was totally at blame. I thought I would be able to slide in between, but someone turned in and I (was) already under full brake and I couldn’t go anywhere,” Entertainment Tonight reported.

He clipped the other rider’s bumper causing him to fly over the handlebars.

Shepard said it was his first time on the track. He tried to resume riding after icing his injury but had to leave saying it was too painful.

After an hours-long visit to a hospital, he found out he had four broken ribs, three breaks to his clavicle and a broken hand. Shepard will need to have surgery to repair the damage, he said, according to People magazine.

He said he won’t stay away from his motorcycle permanently but he may take a break for the rest of the year, People magazine reported.