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GOLDSBORO, N.C. – A North Carolina police officer has a connection with almost every homeless person in the town of Goldsboro, but recently Michael Rivers saw someone he didn’t know.

He drove away, but something kept bugging him.

She wore a shirt with a simple message: “Homeless. The fastest way of becoming a nobody,” CNN reported.

So he turned around and asked the woman if she had eaten. She told him, no, so he grabbed a few pizzas and sat down for lunch with her.

He found out her name is Michelle and they spent 45 minutes talking and sharing stories, CNN reported.

A passerby grabbed a photo of the heartwarming interaction.

Michelle told Rivers she has two children — a daughter, 12, in foster care and battling liver disease and a son, 23. Her husband is also homeless.

After their meal, Rivers and Michelle left, but their talk over a pizza gave him something to think about, he told CNN.

He said the homeless are shunned and blamed for their situation. He said police are also treated negatively and focuses on what he called “bad apples,” CNN reported.