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COTATI, Calif. – Police arrested a woman they said was driving drunk as she led police on a chase and intentionally rammed an officer’s cruiser.

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The Cotati Police Department said in a Facebook post that a man came into their lobby because he was in the parking lot for a planned custody exchange and the mother of his child was driving drunk. When police went outside to ask the driver to stop, she fled in her car.

Police said that a second police sergeant on patrol saw the car and attempted a traffic stop, but the driver refused to pull over. The driver, Christine Dorfer, is accused of putting her hand out of her car window and displaying her middle finger before stopping the car, putting it in reverse and then ramming the patrol car that had been following her, causing major damage to the vehicle. The sergeant driving had minor injuries, police said in their Facebook post.

Police stopped chasing the vehicle once she began to drive at dangerous speeds and nearly hit a motorcyclist, KRON reported.

The car Dorfer had been driving was later found at a convenience store in Rohnert Park, KTVU reported.

Police said that Dorfer ran into the store and drank a travel-size bottle of hard liquor before being taken into custody.

While she was being placed under arrest, Dorfer is accused of biting a Rohnert Park police officer who was assisting the Cotati police.

Police told KRON that a preliminary test showed Dorfer had a 0.20% blood alcohol content.

Police did not say where the child was during the chase, KTVU reported.