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CLEARWATER, Fla. – A Florida man’s luck ran out when he tried to cash a winning ticket that had been stolen moments earlier.

Herbert Hugh-Andrew McClellan, 27, of Clearwater, is accused of stealing 13 scratch-off tickets from a local convenience store, WFLA reported.

McClellan was arrested Tuesday night and charged with petit theft, dealing with stolen property and driving with a suspended license for the second time, according to online jail records with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Clearwater Police Department, McClellan stole the scratch-off tickets from a Speedway store while the clerk was distracted. When McClellan discovered that one of the tickets was a $30 winner, he returned to the Speedway to cash it in, WTSP reported.

Employees called police and McClellan was arrested, WFLA reported. Bail was set at $12,000, according to online jail records.

“It’s safe to say it was not his lucky day,” the Clearwater Police Department said in a Facebook post.