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CLEMSON, S.C. – At least 28 Clemson University athletes and staff members — including 23 football players — have tested positive for the coronavirus, the university’s athletic department told CNN.

In a news release, the athletics department confirmed that 315 Clemson athletes and staff were tested for COVID-19 and that 28 cases were positive, the network said.

Two of the 23 football players were tested in last week’s initial round, a Clemson spokesperson told CNN.

“Clemson has notified and isolated each of those individuals who tested positive for a period of at least 10 days,” the university’s news release said. “Most of the total cases have been asymptomatic, and none have required hospitalization. As community transmission continues throughout the area, it is advised that individuals monitor for symptoms.”

South Carolina on Friday reported 1,081 positive tests — its highest number and the highest percentage of positive tests to date, ESPN reported.

The initial 169 tests were done when football and basketball athletes and staff returned to campus, ESPN reported. This week, tests included soccer and volleyball players, the sports network reported.