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PANORAMA CITY, Calif. – A father and daughter were electrocuted Monday morning in their backyard after live power lines had come down during a rainstorm, investigators said.

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Ferdinand Tejada, 53, went outside around 3:30 a.m. after hearing a loud noise and smelling smoke, KNBC reported. He walked into the backyard to investigate, unaware there were live power lines that had fallen.

He came into contact with the current and was electrocuted. When his daughter, Janine Reyn Tejada, 20, went out to check on him, she was also electrocuted, KABC reported. Los Angeles city firefighters found the two in a backyard shed. They were declared dead at the scene.

“(Janine Tejada) came in contact with the water and the water served as a conductor,” David Ortiz with the LAFD told KCBS. “Our firefighters waited for the Department of Fire and water to come cut power because he was beyond medical assistance as was his daughter.”

Utility crews repaired the lines. Investigators said that while it was raining during the time of the incident, it is unclear if the storm played a role in the downed lines.

“We want to remind people that touching downed wires is very dangerous,” Ortiz said. “Do not try to reach out or try to touch downed wires. It is impossible to tell whether a wire is energized by looking at it.”