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Julian Castro, once a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, told NPR that he was disappointed with the lack of diversity he saw in the initial lineup of speakers for the Democratic National Convention.

“I saw the schedule, and out of the 35 prime-time speakers, only three of them were Latino,” Castro told NPR. “There were no Native Americans, no Muslim Americans. And I said that I didn’t think that completely reflected this beautiful, diverse coalition, this big tent that Democrats have put together over these last few years.”

The Democratic National Committee updated its list of speakers to include 17 “rising stars” in the Democratic Party to deliver the evening’s keynote speeches.

Castro served as secretary of housing and urban development under President Obama.

“Joe Biden is night and day compared to Donald Trump,” Castro told NPR. “His immigration policy is based on common sense. It is based on compassion. He would ensure that we stop treating people cruelly and that we have a reasonable immigration approach.

“So, yeah, I mean, there’s no comparison. Donald Trump is the absolute worst president toward migrants and folks seeking a better life here.”

While a candidate for the nomination, Castro challenged Biden at a Democratic debate over his policy on deportation of undocumented immigrants.