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PLOVER, Wis. – They are “lvoing” it in Plover.

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That’s not a typo. Officials in Wisconsin are red-faced and residents are amused after crews misspelled the name of the village on a water tower.

Crews repainting the tower in Plover made a giant goof, misspelling the village’s name as “Plvoer,” the Stevens Point Journal reported.

Village Administrator Dan Mahoney told the newspaper that the company hired for the job accidentally reversed the templates used to paint the letters on the tower. The mistake was not caught when the stencil was raised onto the tower and the crew painted the incorrect name.

The mistake was quickly painted over on Thursday, Mahoney told the Journal.

Misspelled water towers in Wisconsin are not new. In 2010, the water tower in Stoughton was painted as “Stoughon,” the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

Plover residents have been good-humored about the gaffe, even though the village is now the butt of jokes on social media.

Posts like “Lvoe it!” and “Big lvoer of it” are common posts, and people are sharing memes to the “Stevens Point Area: Happening Now” and the “You Know You’re From Stevens Point If…” Facebook pages, the Journal reported.

Some posters suggested that the tower spelling should have not been corrected. “It has created so many laughs and it makes us unique,” one person wrote.

“We all needed a good laugh,” another Facebook poster wrote. “It feels so good to laugh again!”