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As much of the nation tries to chip away the ice and shovel away the snow that is blanketing the country, the supplies of de-icer may be running low.

But you can make your own mix with simple supplies that could be in your home, or use an alternative to make driveways and sidewalks less slippery.

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Kitty litter will help you get a grip as you walk or drive on ice, Huffington Post reported. You can also use sand or coffee grounds.

Sugar beet juice helps melt ice and is even used on some roads. Another plus, it is safe for animals, people and plants, Huffington Post reported.

Vinegar also helps melt ice, according to Mr. Pavement, a paving company based in Pennsylvania.

American Home Shield said you can try table salt, but don’t use a lot because it could harm grass and plants. Epsom salt also works but is more expensive. Sugar works like salt, but is again more expensive than table salt.

Rubbing alcohol will also help melt ice. It is not harmful to plants, but it could cause skin, eye and lung irritation. Rubbing alcohol also works on those frozen car locks, Car Buzz reported.

Finally, you can mix up a homemade ice melt concoction. You need to take a half gallon of hot water, six drops of dish soap and 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol, according to Reader’s Digest. You can pour directly from the bucket onto frozen walkways, or put some in a spray bottle and spray your car windows.