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SAN DIEGO – An Amazon driver was bugged when he was unable to properly deliver a package. That’s because an insect caused him to toss the parcel onto a San Diego homeowner’s roof.

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Casey McPerry uploaded a TikTok video captured from a door camera video at his home, KABC reported. The Amazon driver was in the process of delivering a package when he encountered an unknown insect as he walked toward the front door.

As the man swats at the bug, the package flies out of his hand and onto the homeowner’s roof, the television station reported.

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The distressed delivery driver can be heard on camera as he circles the front yard several times, wondering what to do, according to KABC.

McPerry uploaded one version of the video with music from the Shangri-La’s 1965 hit, “Remember (Walking in the Sand),” a song whose “Oh, no” refrain has become a TikTok anthem of sorts.

McPerry captioned the video with, “Seriously it’s OK, this made our day.”

He later uploaded the full video.

The McPerrys did not realize what had happened until they received a message, KABC reported. “Hi, this is your Amazon delivery driver. This sounds crazy but I accidentally threw a package on your roof. Do you have a ladder I can use?”

“We couldn’t stop laughing for hours. It was so funny, so we had to share on the internet,” McPerry wrote in a comment on one of the videos.

“I hope we get to see him again so we can show him the video. This made our day! He was awesome,” McPerry wrote in a comment.

McPerry later retrieved the package from the roof and posted another video, The Sacramento Bee reported.