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There are some things that died with Muammar Qaddafi, at least that’s the opinion of terrorist expert Dr. John Swails.

“Have we lost our opportunity to get some answers about so many terrorist events, specifically the Lockerbie bombing of flight Pan Am 103. I don’t know,” says Swails.

He is the Director of the Center for Israel and Middle East Studies at Oral Roberts University.

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Swails says despite Qaddafi trying to make himself over in recent years- he was a dictator and a terrorist.

“Until 2003, he was a prime mover against us in a variety of ways.  After he saw Saddam Hussein emerge from his spider hole he decided maybe he should be a little nicer to the U.S.,” says Swails.

But the removal of Qaddafi doesn’t ease his concerns.

“Just a big question mark- what now?  Because the rebels who are in charge as of the last few weeks are very strongly connected to al-Qaeda, to the Muslim brotherhood so do we see any change in the progress of Libya,” says Swails.