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ARLINGTON, Texas – Texas police received multiple calls Wednesday about an “unknown creature” wandering the streets, which turned out to be a man testing a homemade Halloween costume.

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Arlington Police started getting the calls around 9 p.m.

“(It’s) big as a gorilla,” one witness told dispatchers.

Another caller said it had “spikes and five legs.”

Police Service Assistants, employees who are trained to respond to non-emergency calls, were sent to investigate.

Josh Zuniga and Greg Fues made contact with the “creature.” It turned out to be a man testing his Halloween costume — “the psychological image of fear.”

He was wearing the costume in front of the apartment complex where he lives.

“I did not mean to cause a disturbance,” he told officers.

One of the officers ended up taking a picture with the costumed man.

“It’s very unusual. Very unusual,” one of the officers told him.

The man said it cost about $40 and took him about a week to create.

“Nothing here you see is normal,” he said.

Apparently the costume works.