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COLD SPRINGS, Ky. – Dunkin’ customers in northern Kentucky may have never met Laura Peters, but her love of coffee and her family’s love for her are the reasons their tabs were paid in full Dec. 5.

Laura Peters died suddenly of cardiac arrest on June 5, leaving behind her husband Barry Peters, a pastor at Main Street Church in Alexandria, Kentucky, and their son, Davis, WLWT reported.

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In the six months since her death, father and son have found a way to grieve and heal through what they call “remembering Mom” moments, through which they honor her memory by doing things she loved, Fox News reported.

“We do have a lot to celebrate with her life because she did make such a great impact,” Barry Peters told the network.

In turn, the duo devised a plan to mark the half-year since her passing by sharing a little love themselves.

Dunkin’ had been a favorite haunt of the coffee-loving Laura Peters, and it was not unusual for her to stop at the national chain four times per week, WLWT reported.

Father and son calculated that the $2 per medium cup of coffee she typically bought four times per week would have amounted to $208 during the past 26 weeks. They set out for her favorite Dunkin’ location in Cold Springs, bought a cup of coffee, doughnuts and a $208 gift card, which they then asked the employees to use as long as it would last to pay it forward, the TV station reported.

“They were kind of surprised because it was such an odd amount,” Barry Peters told Fox News, but said when he explained why, the Dunkin’ staff were “blown away.”

In a now-viral video, Davis Peters told viewers, “Our family began the ‘Family Friday’ in the drive-thru at Dunkin’. Along with that memory, we want to take you on a road trip with us today as we remember mom.”

The pair then sat alongside the drive-thru line for a short while, waving and offering Christmas greetings as customers drove past, WLWT reported.