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MIAMI BEACH, Fla. – A Florida man was not going to stand by idly while a teen stole his Lamborghini SUV on Tuesday night. He hopped on a scooter and gave chase.

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Chris Sander of Miami Beach said the Lamborghini Urus, worth more than $200,000, was taken from his home.

“It’s just a straight hustle. Police going everywhere,” Sander told WSVN. “I’m in my home. I hear this thing start up. I look out the window, and I see somebody driving it away. I got on the scooter, went after the guy.”

Sander said he believed the teen accessed his garage to grab the car keys, the television station reported.

The stolen car was spotted on a surveillance camera surrounded by police officers several moments after the teen abandoned the car, the television station reported. The teen was caught by police after he parked the vehicle and tried to sprint away.

Andre Kalinine said he was sitting on his porch in Miami Beach when the teen ran to him and admitted stealing the vehicle.

“He said, ‘I stole a Lamborghini just now,’” Kalinine told WSVN. “‘I don’t have a license. I can’t drive.’ I didn’t know if he had a weapon. I wasn’t sure how crazy he was. I was trying to talk and calm him down. He asked me for advice. He’s like, ‘I’m 14. I don’t know what to do.’ ‘(I said) you’re better off turning yourself in. They’re going to go much, much easier on you.’”

Moments after Kalinine spoke to the teenager, police officers arrived to take him into custody.

“An officer on the other side of the fence had a gun pointing at both of us,” Kalinine told the television station.

Sander eventually drove his Lamborghini home.

“Honestly, I can’t believe it happened, but thank God for the police,” Sander told WSVN. “That’s all I’ve got to say.”