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PHILADELPHIA – Several vials labeled “smallpox” were found at a vaccine research facility near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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A worker cleaning out a freezer found the vials, CNN reported. They were inside a facility that does vaccine research, but the building has not been identified.

Smallpox, also known as variola, is a highly-contagious virus blamed for killing up to 15 million people a year. Vaccination for the virus began in 1796, and in 1980 the World Health Organization declared the virus eradicated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Since 1984, there have only been two locations that officially store and handle variola virus under WHO supervision: the CDC in Atlanta, Georgia; and the VECTOR Institute in Koltsovo, Russia.

Smallpox has previously been found in lab storage. In 2014, six vials were found in a room at the National Institutes of Health lab in Bethesda, Maryland, WPVI reported.

Smallpox vaccines do exist, but the CDC does not recommend them for the general public because the disease has been eradicated. The U.S. government has stockpiled enough vaccine for everyone who would need it, should an outbreak occur.