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Back on April 18th, Coldplay released a cryptic message to its fans on the vague website alluring to a new project in the works. As cryptic and vague as the message and platform might be – yep you guessed it – the fans cracked the code.

Confirmed by Coldplay on April 29, their detective work pointed to “Higher Ground” – a new track produced by Max Martin that will be released Friday May 7.

There are also reports that the group are currently working on a new album called ‘Music Of The Spheres.’

Chris and co. have been dropping hints for a while but now it’s finally getting off the ground. They’ve been busy working on new music during lockdown and it’ll all culminate in the record, which has the working title Music Of The Spheres.

Until May 7, we are left with this short snippet of “Higher Power” that they released across their social channels this week. Coldplay fans… are you ready?!

Tune in to #UpNextMusic this weekend to hear “Higher Power” and the other hottest hits on the rise.