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PHILADELPHIA – Fire crews battled flames at an abandoned house in Philadelphia, just hours after discovering more than 150 jugs of gasoline in the building.

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First responders were initially called to an abandoned home in the city on Monday night for a strong smell of gas, KYW-TV reported. When officials arrived, they found 154 one-gallon jugs filled with gasoline.

Firefighters and police evacuated nearby homes as they removed the jugs, which were all on the floor of the home’s living room, PhillyVoice reported.

The same property caught fire in March, police told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“That much accelerant — that’s 154 gallons of gasoline — in a property that already caught fire,” Philadelphia Police Department Chief Inspector Scott Small told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “And it’s the summertime. Everything’s hot. Everything’s dry. The potential was there for a major catastrophe.”

The gas was removed from the home Monday night, but the building caught fire on Tuesday morning. Fire officials told WPVI that they got the flames under control just after 10:30 a.m. EDT, saying that there was nobody inside at the time and the cause of the fire is under investigation.

Police told WCAU that detectives are speaking with a person of interest, who used to live in the house before a fire in March this year. Detectives said the man was in the area when the jugs were found Monday.

Investigators said that it was unclear why the gasoline was inside the home, telling WPVI it could be arson-related, or that someone may have been selling the gas illegally.