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There is something about getting hammered and then eating fast food. I don’t know if it tastes better the drunker you are or if it’s great at soaking up the alcohol, but it is so good. Zippia figured out each state’s favorite fast food when you’re drunk. Take a look at the map above. Here’s the breakdown.

1.  McDonald’s.  It’s #1 in 22 states.

2.  Burger King, 14 states.

3.  Wendy’s, four states.  (Mississippi, Ohio, West Virginia, and Montana.)

4.  Waffle House, three states.  (Alabama, Georgia, and South Carolina.)

5.  Jack in the Box, three states.  (Arizona, Nevada, and Idaho.)

Wyoming is the only state where Taco Bell ranked #1.  And three other fast food joints also got one state:  In-N-Out Burger in California . . . Whataburger in Texas . . . and Denny’s is #1 in Alaska

If you have any late night spots in your state that are great when you’re drunk, please share them with us.

— Doug O’Brien