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WINDCREST, Texas – A Texas police department is using new technology to cite drivers via text messages instead of traffic stops.

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The Windcrest, Texas, police department is planning to use the Trusted Driver Program, a web-based program created in part by former San Antonio police officers, KIII-TV reported. The program allows drivers to avoid a traffic stop and instead get a ticket via text message.

Drivers can log on and register for the program to create a profile, which can offer police extra information as well, KIII reported. “If you’re deaf, if you have PTSD, autism, a medical condition like diabetes or a physical disability but you’re still allowed to drive … it really gives an officer information faster in the field to handle a traffic stop if it does occur and be able to deescalate,” Val Garcia, the president and CEO of the program told KIII.

If an officer spots a driver who’s part of the program on their cellphone, when the officer puts the license plate into their system, they’re alerted that the driver is a part of the program and doesn’t need to be pulled over, instead sending a message to their phone, WOAI reported.

While the program is only in Windcrest, Texas, the Trusted Driver Program’s owners hope it expands to other cities, KIII reported.