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It’s safe to say we’ve all slipped on ice at least once in our lifetimes. And for some reason, it’s always hilarious! Sure, we might break a bone or two but somehow the idea of slipping and falling is one that gives us a good laugh.

Here are some of our favorite slip-ups we’ve seen throughout the years. Thank goodness most of us work from home, because you won’t be able to hold in your laughter. Trust us.

1. Mean? Or hilarious? This dad never stops filming.

2. Maybe it’s a sign you shouldn’t be driving anywhere?

3. Animals on ice. Always funny!

4. House slippers and a robe on ice. What could go wrong?

5. Legend says – she never actually made it in the house.

6. It’s a family affair!

7. We think the trash can wait until tomorrow.

8. This can’t be real.

9. That had to hurt x2.