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TUTTLE, Okla. – A video of a glider pilot’s encounter with a funnel cloud in Oklahoma is going viral on social media.

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According to The Washington Post, David Evans of Oklahoma City was flying his motor glider near Tuttle and Minco on Sunday when he spotted some hawks.

“They’re always a telltale sign of where a thermal might be,” he told the newspaper. “I started getting an indication I was getting lift, so I circled in there with them.”

The circulation eventually became a weak landspout tornado, which forms “from the ground up” like a dust devil – not from a thunderstorm, the Post reported.

Evans captured the moment on film. His original video, which was shared on Twitter, has been viewed more than 400,000 times.

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The clip soon gained the attention of the Post and other national news outlets, such as ABC News. The network posted the video on Facebook, where it received another 310,000 views.

Evans wasn’t the only person to capture the landspout on camera. According to the Post, Judy Curry was on the ground when the winds began swirling around her property.

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