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In a year of having to stay home and digital streaming platforms like Netflix, Apple TV+ and Disney+ being the go-to for entertainment while a pandemic kept people from going out, who knew that there were still video rental brick-and-mortar stores around?

One chain, Family Video, however, won’t be around for much longer, following the fate of companies like Blockbuster. The parent company of Family Video, Highland Ventures, LTD, has announced the remaining locations will be closing in the next few weeks and months.

Company officials said that the coronavirus pandemic is to blame. Not only did the closure of the stores as the nation shut down hurt income, so did the stoppage of film production and release delays, CBS News reported.

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The company tried to evolve by branching into the CBD business and starting “Save the Video Store” campaigns, WGEM reported.

But neither were enough to stop the financial slide.

Last year, the company had closed 200 stores across the country. There are about 250 still open, WGEM reported.

Highland Ventures said liquidation sales have begun, including movies, video games, CBD products and store fixtures, CBS News reported.

The last day to rent videos was set as Jan. 6, The Detroit News reported.

Fans of the chain have been sharing their memories on social media.