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SEASIDE HEIGHTS, N.J. – A man climbed the 170 foot tall ‘Skyscraper” ride Monday morning to hoist an American flag in a protest against Jersey Shore police.

The man identified as Chris Angulo climbed the ride early Monday morning on Seaside Height’s Casino Pier boardwalk in New Jersey, according to News 12 Networks.

Angulo remained atop the ride for around 4 hours as a small crowd gathered below on the pier.

Police deployed both aviation and repelling teams before Angulo eventually descended.

He was taken into custody by New Jersey State Police uninjured.

In 2013, Angulo affixed an American flag to the partially submerged Jet Star rollercoaster devastated by Hurricane Sandy according to the New York Daily News.

“I’m a little off, you could say. Some people see a roller coaster in the ocean; I see a jungle gym,” Angulo told the Daily News in 2013.

Seaside Heights gained national attention in 2009 when it became the primary location for several seasons of the MTV reality television series “Jersey Shore.”