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LOS ANGELES – A minivan explosion that caused a brief power outage in a Los Angeles neighborhood Monday has attracted the attention of the FBI.

Although residents initially believed the outage was the result of a blown transformer, the Montclair Police Department confirmed it was a direct result of the blast reported just after midnight, KTLA reported.

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Responding officers discovered a heavily damaged, unoccupied 2003 Dodge minivan, and a news helicopter’s video confirmed the vehicle’s roof had been ripped off completely, strewing debris, the TV station reported.

“As far as what caused the explosion, we do not yet know that information,” Montclair Police Lt. Brian Ventura told the Los Angeles Times.

Ventura also confirmed to the newspaper that no injuries were reported, but investigators also have no leads on suspects or motives in the blast.

Police officials have determined that the explosion occurred within the minivan’s passenger compartment, and Ventura said investigators believe multiple explosives were detonated, KTLA reported.

Montclair Police Chief Robert Avels told the TV station that the FBI will work to determine what exactly triggered the explosion. He also said surveillance video from a nearby residence is being examined for clues regarding a suspect or motive.

“It could be a multitude of things. It’s really hard to say what it specifically was, but it was something other than the vehicle itself that exploded,” Avels said.