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ROCKVILLE, Mich. – A Michigan teacher might not have thought he’d be heading back to a classroom so shortly after early retirement but the events of 2020 changed the plans Frederick Reusch originally had.

The 72-year-old teacher had planned to stay in a traditional classroom until he was not physically able to do so, WZZM reported.

“When Rockford made their final decision to go back to in-person classes, I decided that it was time that I probably retire,” Reusch told WZZM.

After 30 years in a classroom, Reusch decided to leave his career through early retirement because of the spread of the coronavirus, WXMI reported.

“I would much rather teach in class, but I just can’t take the chance with this deadly virus — for our family,” he said.

But Reusch is not going to sit back as students head to virtual classrooms this school year.

Instead, the West Michigan educator is offering free classes in advanced placement calculus.

“I have already set up my basement here so that I can make videos and teach. I’m looking for students who don’t have another option,” Reusch told WXMI.

Reusch will not only teach AP calculus but also get students ready for the college placement test.