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MARSHFIELD, Wis. – Udderly unreal, but true. One cow patty, please.

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A Wisconsin woman was startled Thursday afternoon to see a cow sitting patiently in the back seat of a car at a McDonald’s drive-thru, WOAW reported.

Jessica Nelson, of Mosinee, was waiting to order in the drive-thru in Marshfield when she noticed the back seat bovine several cars ahead of her, the television station reported.

Nelson took out her cellphone and recorded a short video, using the caption, “There’s a whole (expletive) cow in the back seat of that car.”

Update 12:25 a.m. Aug. 28: Nelson told The Associated Press that she was contacted by the owner of the cow, who saw the post.

The owner said the cow was actually a calf that had just been bought at an auction, and there were two other calves that were lying down in the back seat but were out of sight.

Original report: Nelson’s post was captioned, “Tell me how you live in Wisconsin without telling me you live in Wisconsin,” WSAW reported.

Video contains obscenity in caption below:

The video has gone viral, leaving Nelson shaking her head.

“Who knew a simple video of a cow in a car would be what I needed to go viral,” Nelson wrote in a subsequent Facebook post. “If I knew that’s all it took, I would have put a cow into my Taurus a long (expletive) time ago.”

There is no indication whether the driver of the car ordered any food for the cow. Hopefully, if an order was placed, it was not a hamburger.