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Family Dollar has launched a voluntary recall of hundreds of products including toothpaste, sunscreen and pain relievers, because they were stored at the wrong temperatures.

Family Dollar recall: List of all 434 recalled products

In the recall, the Food and Drug Administration listed over 434 products that were inadvertently stored outside of their labeled temperature requirements. The affected products were later shipped to stores across the U.S. between May 1 and June 10, according to USA Today.

Major brands in the recall included some Tylenol, Excedrin, Benadryl and Bayer products.

Family Dollar has reached out to the affected stores, asking them to take the products off their shelves. Customers who bought the affected products can return them to the store without a receipt.

Family Dollar has not received any consumer complaints or reports of illness related to this recall. Customers with questions about the recall can contact Family Dollar Customer Service at 844-636-7687.

Delaware stores did not receive any of the products in question and are not subject to the recall. Family Dollar does not have any stores in Alaska or Hawaii.