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P!nk is a role model in so many ways. Her no-nonsense attitude, wisdom on important topics and stance against all forms of bullying are just a few reasons.

Many know her from the music industry, but beyond that, she is an incredible wife, mother, and inspiration. Here are five times P!nk inspired us.

She speaks out against body-shaming.

She’s a true artist.

She’s a proud mother.

She’s a proud feminist.

Pink really embraced feminism and political activism in 2006, with the release of her fourth album, I’m Not Dead. The album featured political songs, “Dear Mr. President,” and included a particularly poignant song about the struggles of being a teenager in “Conversations with My 13 Year Old Self.” But it was her smash single “Stupid Girls” that really declared Pink a feminist in pop music. In the song, she trashed society’s obsession with scantily clad women, taking aim at everything from the women in rap videos to the message that women exist only to get men to like them. (via Bustle)

She’s a respectable woman, in general

Outside of her music career, P!nk is an animal rights activist, most prominently campaigning for PETA and protesting KFC. Her campaign led to a headlining concert called PAW (Party for Animals Worldwide) in Cardiff, Wales on August 21, 2007. For years, she has been outspoken about LGBTQ rights and is a huge supporter of same-sex marriage. P!nk is also involved with several charities, including Human Rights Campaign, ONE Campaign, Prince’s Trust, New York Restoration Project, Run for the Cure Foundation, Save the Children, Take Back the Night, UNICEF and World Animal Protection. (via The Odyssey Online)