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PHILADELPHIA – Stephen Curry literally gave the jersey off his back to a state trooper who took a moment to connect with a group of kids playing basketball.

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Trooper Joshua Morris shot hoops with a group of kids in Delaware. Video of the interaction between police and the community went viral, especially after one of the kids was heard yelling “That’s Curry, that’s Curry” when Morris hit a jump shot.

Eventually, Morris bought the child, who he has called “the best hype man ever” a pair of Curry’s basketball shoes, KYW reported.

The trooper put some cash inside one of the shoes, and the child gave Morris a hug, with the trooper telling the child, “Anytime you see me, you know, it’s always love. Alright? I always got your back no matter what. When we play basketball together, that’s a common ground that you and I can meet on so we can build these relationships … That breaks that barrier to be friends so from here we grow, we build a relationship.”

Curry replied to the Instagram post writing, “That how you do it to right there.”

But Curry’s connection to the trooper and his new hype man didn’t end there.

Curry took off his jersey and gave Morris stuffed duffel bags full of memorabilia after Monday night’s game between the Golden State Warriors and the Philadelphia 76ers, The Associated Press reported.

Curry had invited Morris to the game after seeing the trooper’s video.

“He’s an amazing story … with the little kid that was hyping him up,” Curry said, according to the AP. “I had to show him some love. The love he showed the young man and just the foundation of impact that he shared. It’s pretty impressive.”