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MONROE, Ga. – Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many life celebrations, like birthday parties and weddings, have had to be postponed or even canceled.

But for Marty Jacobs, whose grandfather, Junior Jacobs, turned 90, there wasn’t a chance that he was going to let the milestone birthday pass without some kind of celebration, even if it meant celebrating from afar.

Junior Jacobs lives in a long-term assisted living facility, which is currently not allowing any family members inside the rooms at this time due to the coronavirus outbreak.

From Jacobs’ smile, you can tell his day was made. Luckily, he has a personal balcony, so his caretakers were able to bring him outside. His family members waved, sang “Happy Birthday” and waved a big 90th birthday banner from the green lawn outside the building.

Although these can be bittersweet moments not getting to be with loved ones during these celebrations, it shows the power of human connection is still very present.