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GREENBRIER, Ark. – Animal rescue workers discovered more than 100 abandoned cats and one dog at an Arkansas property in what they believe may be the largest animal hoarding case in state history.

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“It has been a horrifying and heartbreaking day,” the Humane Society of the Delta in Helena said in a Facebookpost on Thursday.

The founder of Biscuit’s Legacy Rescue Group, Maggie Bradley, was contacted by rescue advocates at late Saturday night, KATV reported. She worked with members of the Humane Society of the Delta to formulate a plan.

The animal welfare group said the Faulkner County property in Greenbrier was infested with fleas and filled with trash, The Kansas City Star reported.

Bradley’s crew arrived at the property at around 7:30 a.m. CDT Thursday, KATV reported. The cats were split between two homes on the property and the dog was alone in a metal shed in the back, the television station reported.

“This is the worst I’ve ever seen,” Bradley told the television station. “This is most likely the largest cat hoarding case in the history of Arkansas, it’s bad.”

“We spent many hours in these walls today. It is one of the most devastating scenes we have been to,” the Humane Society of the Delta said its Facebookpost. “There were crowds of cats and kittens needing our help. Piled underneath them were decayed bodies of the friends they lost over the months and years they were in there.

“Scattered with the trash were bones and skulls of cats we were too late for. There were far too many for us to even count.”

Rescuers came to the property after Faulkner County Sheriff Tim Ryals ordered the owner, who was not living on the property but was still feeding the animals, to surrender the cats and dog, the Star reported.

Rescuers said they spent most of the day removing the animals from the home.

“You can’t see the floor, it is covered in cans, empty cans that cat food has been in,” Bradley told KATV. “The ammonia smell, I’m sure you can smell it out here, is overwhelming even suited-up. There are kittens in there so we’re having to be very careful where we place our feet so we’re not stepping on them, and we have retrieved several deceased kittens.”

Gloria Higginbotham, president of the Humane Society of Delta, said most of the cats actually appeared to be healthy, but they have not yet been thoroughly inspected.

“I think that this lady loves her cats. I think she did a good job, the best to her ability,” Higginbotham told KHTV. “And things get out of hand with people.”

The dog, a Blonde Lab mix named Captain Kirk, had no access to light in the shed where he was housed, according to KATV.

“He’s having air for the first time today that’s not full of ammonia,” one of the rescuers told the television station.

Biscuit’s Legacy has organized a GoFundMe page to assist in the care of the animals.