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Grocery store chain Kroger is making a big change when it comes to change.

Kroger won’t be handing out quarters, dimes, nickels or pennies for change in cash transactions.

Instead, the stores will load up customers’ loyalty cards and use the change as a deduction on their next purchase, WXIX reported.

The money can also be donated to Kroger’s Zero Hunger/Zero Waste Foundation, WKRC reported.

The move is temporary because of a nation-wide shortage of coins due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As stores shut down because of the pandemic, change was not circulated. At the same time, the U.S. Mint limited the production of new coins to keep employees safe.

The Federal Reserve has also limited how much change banks were given, saying that it is doing a “strategic allocation of coin inventories” evenly spread across banks and credit unions, Fox Business reported.