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MURRELLS INLET, S.C. – Mother Nature is not always kind. In fact, survival in the wild can be brutal.

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Video posted on Twitter by a South Carolina man shows the moments when a huge alligator swallows a smaller, 6-foot alligator, The State of Columbia reported.

“This happened in my parents’ backyard today,” Twitter user Taylor Soper wrote. “The snack is a 6-foot gator.”

Soper told WTSP that his father filmed the video. Soper estimated the larger alligator was about 12 feet long, the television station reported.

The smaller reptile didn’t have a chance. The larger alligator clamps its jaws against the smaller gator, tilts its head and swallows it whole.

The chilling film clip lasts about 25 seconds.

Satisfied, the larger alligator slides back into the water.

Soper also said this was not the first time his family has seen alligators battling one another.

“We saw the one getting eaten in the video eat a smaller one last weekend,” Soper wrote to WTSP. “So, kind of just wild.”