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CHICAGO – A woman whose screams for help alerted a passer-by who contacted police said that she was abducted off the street and held captive in an abandoned house for days.

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A man was walking down the street Saturday when he said he heard screams for help and called 911, WLS reported.

“She was screaming, ‘Help,’ and I was like ‘Who is in there with you?’ and I was asking her different questions,” Antoine Dobine, the man who called police, told WLS.

Police told WFLD that when they arrived, they found a 36-year-old woman chained in an upstairs bedroom. She told investigators she had been abducted, held there for days and assaulted.

The woman, who has not been identified, told WGN that she was walking to a neighborhood store when she bumped into a man she had previously seen. He allegedly dragged the victim to the abandoned house, attacking her multiple times, WGN reported.

Neighbors told WFLD that the house where the woman was found had been empty for more than 30 years.