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ALBANY, N.Y. – Two couples with an affinity for each other as well as Dunkin’ Donuts were married Friday at separate ceremonies and coffee shop locations in New York.

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Dana Shulman and Giancarlo Osben met nine years ago and had not planned on getting married, but after seeing Dunkin’ Donuts’ “Marriage on the menu” contest, they had to try, The Times Herald-Record reported. The contest was partly inspired by an Oklahoma couple who were married at a drive thru last October.

“I hit Dunkin’s stories (on Instagram) and it said ‘Do you want to get married in a Dunkin’ Donut’s drive-thru?’ and I went ‘Yes,’ and I clicked the button again and it said, ‘Do you live in New York state?’ and I said, ‘Yes!’ and clicked through again,” Shulman, who is known as “Dunkin’ Dana” to her friends, told the Herald-Record. “When I saw it I knew.”

They were told they were winners last week.

“Monday was just an insane day because Dana was named the New York 1 New Yorker of the week, she got her second vaccine dose and then she came home and I popped the question,” Osaben said.

Shulman, an improv teacher, was honored for her efforts helping get people vaccinated for the coronavirus.

“I’ve been making vaccine appointments for people for about three weeks now. I just passed 350 vaccines this morning,” she told the Herald-Record. “This is like, in a really strange pandemic world where we’re all stuck inside, this has been two really uplifting storylines in our friends’ and family’s circles. People that are just Facebook friends who I haven’t seen in years are sending me messages saying how much they’re enjoying following it, and how it’s uplifting and that they’re excited for our wedding.”

For Selena Stallmer and Brian Dinsmore, they were planning a large wedding for June but canceled those plans two weeks ago because of the coronavirus pandemic, WXXA reported.

They decided to enter the contest for the chance to still have a wedding albeit in an unconventional venue.

“Initially, it was a shocker to me,” Dinsmore told WXXA. “And I’m like, you know, this is different, especially with the year we’ve had with (the coronavirus) and all that.”

They were wed Friday.

The wedding officiant asked Dinsmore: “Do you promise to dedicate yourself to Selena, to love and care and cherish her through life’s joys and sorrows for all the years of your life?”

His reply: “I Dunkin’ do.”