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OWENSBORO, Ky. – A Kentucky man is accused of breaking into a home while naked, claiming he used “mushrooms with Jesus,” authorities said.

John N. Stefanopoulos, 41, of Owensboro, was charged Thursday with indecent exposure, burglary, criminal mischief, resisting arrest, public intoxication and menacing, according to the Daviess County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies responded at 1:24 a.m. to a report of burglary and a naked man running down the road, The Owensboro Times reported. When deputies arrived at the residence, they found Stefanopoulos inside the home, naked and with mud and blood on his body, the newspaper reported. According to an arrest report, Stefanopoulos had forced himself inside the residence.

Deputies said there were also holes punched in the drywall, blood was smeared on several walls and windows, and several pieces of broken glass were laying on the floor, WFIE reported.

Deputies said Stefanopoulos began walking toward them, ignoring commands to lie on the ground, the television station reported. Stefanopoulos then began repeating that he had been “using mushrooms with Jesus and that they were playing a virtual reality video game together,” according to an arrest report.

A deputy used a stun gun to subdue Stefanopoulos, the Times reported. Stefanopoulos was placed in handcuffs but was able to jump up and tried running toward a deputy again, the newspaper reported.

Stefanopoulos was arrested and booked into the Daviess County Detention Center.