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BRADENTON, Fla. – A Georgia-based homebuilder was prompted to tear down a house in a Florida neighborhood after residents complained about two homes that were built too close together.

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Kirk Tcherneschoff is a member of the Homeowner’s Association in Manatee County’s Rosedale community, where builder Ashton Woods made the mistake.

Guidelines in the county require homes be situated at least 12 feet apart, but the builder erected a new home just 7 feet and 6 inches from Tcherneschoff’s house, WFLA reported.

He told WFLA the company “shouldn’t be able to skirt the rules.”

Other neighbors in the community also said the close proximity raised concerns about property values, privacy and fire safety.

After a nearly yearlong dispute, during which the builder stopped construction and allowed the home to sit unfinished, Ashton Woods reversed course on its plan to petition for county approval. The builder demolished the vacant house this week with a bulldozer.

Ashton Woods division manager Darryl Colwell said in a statement that the county’s requirements are unique and company will build the home elsewhere.

“After further review, Ashton Woods voluntarily … chose to move forward with the resite and restart of construction on the home,” he said. “The zoning requirements in the community are unique, resulting in multiple zoning and variance issues, and with that, we chose to proceed with this solution.”

Tcherneschoff said the decision was “fantastic” news.

“The weight of the world was off my shoulders,” he told WFLA. “It was such a relief.”

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