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SAN DIEGO, Calif. – A family is mourning the loss of a grandfather who died from the coronavirus days after his 75th birthday party, as 18 relatives who attended the get-together are also recovering after testing positive.

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Carlos Valadez planned a party for his father Ruben on Jan. 5, something the patriarch wanted, KNSD reported.

“He used to love to see all his grandkids in the house running around, and he used to love to see all his sons gather around the house and cook some carne asadas,” Carlos Valadez said.

Days later, family members started to feel sick. Ruben Valadez was taken to a hospital where he tested positive for the coronavirus. Shortly after, 18 family members also tested positive. Valadez spent four days at the hospital before he died.

Carlos Valadez said he has returned to work. His mother is recovering, as are the other members of the family.

“Since my dad passed away until now, we’ve been back and forth dropping off food and medicine to my family members and, really, until now I haven’t had time to realize what happened,” Carlos Valadez said.

The family started a crowd-sourced funding account to help cover funeral expenses.