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A woman’s wedding day was nearly ruined when she forgot her wedding dress at a Transportation Security Administration security checkpoint. But it was TSA to the rescue and the dress arrived just in time.

The mother of the bride forgot the suitcase that was carrying the dress when they went through security at Newark Liberty International Airport earlier this month. The family was traveling to Columbus, Ohio, ABC News reported.

The brother of the bride filled out the lost and found form, but they didn’t expect to get the dress in time for the wedding the next day.

“As soon as I submitted the request, we lost hope of retrieving the luggage on time for the wedding.” Christopher Cepeda told ABC News.

The TSA website has a turn around time of about five days for lost and found items.

But an administrative assistant with the TSA saw the email and jumped into action, recovering the forgotten suitcase within six minutes.

Cepeda got the bag from the TSA and overnighted it to his sister for the wedding. It was delivered the next morning, reported.