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RUTLEDGE, Tenn. – A 29-year-old Tennessee man was arrested for trespassing after he rode a bus to a high school then walked onto campus, investigators said.

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The Grainger County Sheriff’s Department said that Juan Purkey was standing on the side of the road with papers and a binder when a school bus driver stopped and picked him up, WBIR reported.

“It was the most unique situation we have ever seen,” Dr. James Atkins, superintendent of Grainger County Schools, told WBIR.

The driver asked for his name and Purkey replied “J. Purkey.” The bus unloaded at Bean Station Elementary and the high school students transferred to another bus. Purkey got off with the other students, then got onto another bus where a substitute bus driver, who was unfamiliar with the students, took him to Grainger High School.

“It is not uncommon for the substitute not to know any of the students,” Atkins said.

He got off the bus at Grainger High School with the other students and walked into the school. A teacher stopped him around 8 a.m. and brought him to the office. School officials said they then called police and the school was put into a soft lockdown. Purkey was arrested and charged with trespassing.

The Grainger County Sheriff’s Department said it was the second time in eight days that Juan Purkey was told to stay off school property, WBIR reported.

Purkey was previously told Aug. 2 to stay away from school property or he would face criminal trespassing charges, WATE reported.

The school notified parents a day after the incident.

“I apologize for not sending a message late last night to say that an intruder was arrested,” Atkins said. “However, I wanted you to have additional information.”

Atkins said school officials are meeting to discuss possible additional safety measures.