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ROCHESTER, Minn. – A woman is facing charges and a construction project has been delayed, after she tried to escape from the police but got stuck in wet concrete instead.

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Officers with the Rochester Police Department were first called to the scene because a 53-year-old woman was using a bullhorn to yell at people from her car, KTTC reported.

When an officer activated the cruiser’s lights and sirens, the woman apparently yelled into the bullhorn, “Oh, look! I’m getting pulled over,” Amanda Grayson, who handles crime prevention and communication for the department, told The Post Bulletin.

Grayson told The Post Bulletin that the driver then cut off oncoming traffic and tried to speed away but drove into wet concrete instead.

Photos from KTTC show the cars wheels covered in concrete after driving approximately 150 feet through barricades into the construction zone.

The project’s contractor reported $30,000-$40,000 in damages from the accident, KTTC reported.

Rochester Police Department Capt. Casey Moilanen told The Post Bulletin that this was not the first interaction officers have had with the driver, saying that officers had stopped an earlier pursuit with her an hour prior to her arrest. Moilanen told the outlet that the department has responded to at least nine incidents involving the woman, including complaints about the woman’s driving and her using a bullhorn to yell at people.

Moilanen told The Post Bulletin that the woman said she was “spreading the word of God.”